Support the digitalization of WFP cash transfers in Niger

The development of training curricula based on the results of the study and the conduct of training sessions for trainers with WFP's operational partners (NGOs, etc.)

Development of the digital finance strategy in Ivory Coast

The payment sector in Côte d'Ivoire gives large importance to the digital payments instruments. However, it must adapt to the arrival of new players, new technologies and changing user expectations. In 2014, Côte d'Ivoire adopted the Financial Sector Development Strategy to reorganize, stabilize and develop the sector. This strategy is broken down into a sectoral and thematic action plan. The Financial Sector Development Program (PDESFI), created in 2014 by the Government, is the body responsible for implementing the strategy.

Implementation of airtime top-up services to pay for micro-insurance and micro-pension

In 2017, The Solomon Islands National Provident Fund (SINPF), with support from PFIP, piloted a retirement savings product for the informal sector known as youSave. One of the pilot recommendations was to utilise cost-effective digital delivery channels to allow for direct remittance of savings into SINPF. Because of the inefficiencies and a lack of reach into the rural areas by existing digital payment channels, the option to use airtime was recommended. The staggering cost of Airtime distribution in the Solomon Islands seemed to be an insurmountable challenge in order to achieve a sustainable business case for payment collections PHB was previously engaged to conduct a feasibility assessment and based upon that positive outcome this project was initiated to implement the youSave Lo Mobile service - and launch the world’s first-ever airtime scheme for provident fund payments.

TA Digital Credit for Dairy & Agriculture microentrepreneurs

In the year 2018, Nepal transitioned to a late start-up stage with rapid expansion in the agent network, registered and active users and use-cases to drive digital payments. Leveraging the data on farmers’ income, their transaction history on the wallet and lastly the inwards remittance received by most farmers from relatives abroad or living in cities, UNCDF and Prabhu Pay designed and signed a project to extend digital credit to cooperative farmers.

PFIP P2G Samoa

The Land Transport Authority (LTA) of the Samoa Government is managed within the Ministry of Works, Transport and Infrastructure. LTA is the principal licensing authority for all forms of land transportation in the country and has three main revenue streams including Drivers Licensing, Registration and Tickets for traffic offences. Payment flows are typical to meet the Authority’s operational activities in meeting its core functions identified above. A significant proportion of payment flows (person to LTA) are via cash and business cheques.

Support UNCDF In The Development Of The DFS Ecosystem In LAO PDR

In Lao PDR, UNCDF Making Access to Finance More Inclusive for Poor People (MAFIPP) is a UNCDF sector support programme in partnership with the Bank of Lao PDR (BOL) which seeks to improve access of poor rural households to a variety of financial services and markets, improving rural household incomes.

Deploy Mobile Financial Services Business Model for MFIs in the Philippines

Scaling Innovations in Mobile Money (SIMM) is a 2-year USAID project to scale the uptake of mobile money adoption and usage in the Philippines.

Value Proposition Mapping of the Dairy Value Chain, Uganda

For Digital Financial Services (DFS) payments to be sustainable, each of the businesses and individuals involved must have a sound financial motive for continuing to participate.

Development of digital credit and savings product for a Microfinance Institute (MFI) in the Congo (DRC)

The MFI in DRC – in partnership with a mobile network operator (MNO) – is willing to launch a digital savings and loans product. The MFI is supplying its credit license and manages the savings and credit risk. The MNO is also providing its customer base and its agent network.

Evaluate scaling-up financial services delivery program

In cooperation with The MasterCard Foundation, the International Finance Corporation (IFC) is implementing a program intended to accelerate the reach of financial services for the poor in sub-Saharan Africa, through two main workstreams.