Our Training Formats

Our understanding of instructional design and deep subject matter expertise coupled with our experience using collaboration tools for online learning allows us to bring targeted, relevant and effective training to your desktop. 

We can deliver all of our training and coaching on-site, online or in a hybrid format. All sessions can be facilitated in both English and French.

We collaborate online from “Analysis” to ”Evaluation”

Our team is spread out across the world and we have always collaborated online. We work with you to set up and use the digital communication and project management tools needed for us to work together efficiently and effectively.

We offer all training on-site and online

Where internet access is poor, we offer our services through Learning Management Systems that allow for asynchronous collaboration. Where connection quality is better, we use Video Conferencing Services to allow for real-time interaction online. Our experienced Instructional Designers and Workshop Facilitators work with you to determine the appropriate combination of learning formats, systems or tools.

Our online courses engage and inspire

Distance education requires more than the right technical training or coaching tool. It also places higher demands on the quality of content, course design and facilitation. To ensure participant focus, we incorporate multiple opportunities for them to interact by contributing to group tasks and sharing experience with peers. Our Facilitators encourage questions, and actively use their direct access to content experts to get answers. Thanks to the injection of a good dose of energy and fun, they make sure participants wonder afterwards why they ever resisted learning online. Find out more about how our Peer Online Learning Events can help your team.

Our training is offered in English and French

With our bilingual team we are able to design and deliver sessions in both languages, and can also contribute to an exchange of experience, cross-over of ideas and increased understanding between the anglophone and francophone world.

Contact US

For a preliminary training needs assessment and to discuss how PHB Academy can develop training – including training of trainers – that will help you scale for impact. academy@phbdevelopment.com