Value Proposition Mapping of the Dairy Value Chain, Uganda


Context: For Digital Financial Services (DFS) payments to be sustainable, each of the businesses and individuals involved must have a sound financial motive for continuing to participate. Value proposition mapping can help determine if, and to what extent, there is value in digitizing payments as perceived by relevant actors.

Objective: In the context of the dairy value chain in Uganda, the project aims to: 1) Estimate the costs and benefits of utilizing DFS 2) Identify pain points in the delivery and use of DFS 3) Propose an implementation plan that will capitalize on the value propositions faced by smallholders, agribusinesses, and financial service providers.

Deliverables: 1)Detailed research work plan 2) Excel VPM models with findings 3) Slide deck summarizing all findings 4) Final report  5) Pilot implementation plan 6) Publishable blog