TA Digital Credit for Dairy & Agriculture microentrepreneurs


In the year 2018, Nepal transitioned to a late start-up stage with rapid expansion in the agent network, registered and active users and use-cases to drive digital payments. Leveraging the data on farmers’ income, their transaction history on the wallet and lastly the inwards remittance received by most farmers from relatives abroad or living in cities, UNCDF and Prabhu Pay designed and signed a project to extend digital credit to cooperative farmers.


  • The objectives of the assignment are:
  • Defining the digital credit process and risk management mechanisms.
  • Develop a requirement specification document and a logic workflow for credit scoring solution.
  • Define the parameters for credit assessment based on a thorough statistical assessment of data quality and data strength available at different sources. Also, establish a mechanism for regular update/upgrade of the tool.
  • Develop/Install the credit scoring tool (open to emerging technology such as shared ledger) and support Prabhu Management IT team pilot it.
  • Review of the credit assessment tool after 6 months of the pilot


  1. Project Set up – deliverables: Kick-off meeting and the minutes.
  2. Definition of the customer journey – deliverables: Customer Journey, Presentation Process Flow Document, Risk Management Document.
  3. Definition of the requirements and data source determination – deliverables: Requirement Specification, Logic/Work Flow document for digital credit.
  4. Data preparation and model development – deliverables: Develop the template for data collection.
  5. Credit Scoring Installation and Automation – deliverables: Develop/Install a credit scoring tool integrated with different sources for fetching data, loan origination and score.
  6. review of the pilot – deliverables: Pilot report