Support UNCDF In The Development Of The DFS Ecosystem In LAO PDR

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Context: In Lao PDR, UNCDF, in partnership with the Bank of the Lao PDR (BoL) sought to improve and catalyze access of rural households to vital financial services and markets through the development of a digital finance ecosystem.

Objective: To embed a UNCDF DFS Expert capable to provide support to BoL and a wide range of Branchless Banking and DFS stakeholders to jump-start the ecosystem in this greenfield market. Conduct all marketing and communication activities (studies, strategy, plans, design, implementation, testing and roll-out) for pilot projects with BCEL (Banque Pour Le Commerce Exterieur – the largest bank in Laos), and Unitel, the dominant mobile operator in the country. Engage with all other stakeholders including Government, MFIs, Fintech Start-ups and promote partnership and collaboration through the animation of a Digital Finance Working Group chaired by BoL.

Deliverables: Program coordination, reporting and market development; Knowledge raising and capacity building; Product development; Agent network development; Regulatory policy support,  capacity building and training.

For More Details  about PHB’s groundbreaking work in Laos, see the multi-media  case study, Dawn of Digital Finance in Lao PDR