Support MTN Benin to develop a payment ecosystem around moto-taxis drivers (Zemidjans)

MTN wants to set up a payment ecosystem around the Zemidjans (moto-taxi drivers in Benin), using mobile money as a solution to the challenges they face:

Phase 1: Addressing security and liquidity issues with the implementation of merchant payment.

Phase 2: Addressing a lack of means to meet their ambitions with a digital group savings product (“tontine”).

Objectives: The general objective of this project is to increase the adoption of digital financial services by the Zemidjans.  The rationale is to make Zemidjans brand ambassadors promote the benefits of mobile money to the rest of the population. To this end, the project aims to develop merchant payment, testing different tools (NFC, QR code, Mobile App and USSD) and different value propositions for both merchants (Zems and Zems’ providers – i.e. gas stations) and end-clients.


  • Conduct research to identify factors for adoption: Stakeholder interviews, HCD research with Zemidjans, merchants (gas station, food providers, mechanics, etc.) and Zems clients
  • Identify value propositions for all players within the ecosystem (Zems, merchants, clients)
  • Build a business case for each of the payment solutions (NFC, QR code, Mobile App and USSD)
  • Define a communication /education strategy to train Zems, clients and merchants on how the payment works
  • Train and support the Zemidjans to use the different solutions (NFC, QR code, USSD)
  • Test the solutions during a 6-months pilot
  • Share knowledge on learnings and findings through blogs and other materials (video, pictures).