Our Market Intelligence Practice

“The best vision is insight.” – Malcolm Forbes

PHB Research provides meaningful market insights and actionable recommendations that lead to innovative solutions and allow to make an impact that scales. 

Through our comprehensive framework and decades of experience interpreting data, we carry out research that helps digital financial service providers, governments and other impact makers explore digital pathways that can lead towards more inclusive economies, from finance to agriculture, education, climate adaptation and social empowerment. 

Our quantitative and qualitative market research solutions guide product development, inform strategic decisions and support long-term investment to reach the underserved. We help capture the ideas and opinions of your consumers, assess the readiness of your institution to implement digital solutions and analyze complex policy frameworks. Along with providing valuable insights, we are committed to sharing our research and practical know-how with our community of practice. PHB has materialized its large DFS experience into practical toolkits, blogs, publications and workshops. 

Our passionate and dedicated team brings expertise in sociology, behavioural science, user experience, to drive forward the innovation process and empower communities. We also collaborate with specialized research institutions to ensure our interventions stay relevant, rigorous, and inspiring:

  • We work with Innate Motion, a business humanizer company with combined marketing and psychology capabilities. They excel in cultural decoding, purpose branding and engagement engineering.
  • We work with L-IFT, a social enterprise specializing in a Low-Income Financial Transformation (L-IFT) that primarily works in diaries research, both financial diaries and livelihood diaries. L-IFT’s main goal is to design development interventions based on action research.