Support MTN Benin to develop a payment ecosystem around moto-taxis drivers (Zemidjans)

MTN wants to set up a payment ecosystem around the Zemidjans (moto-taxi drivers in Benin), using mobile money as a solution to the challenges they face: Phase 1: Addressing security and liquidity issues with the implementation of merchant payment. Phase 2: Addressing a lack of means to meet their ambitions with a digital group savings product (“tontine”).

Support the digitalization of WFP cash transfers in Niger

The development of training curricula based on the results of the study and the conduct of training sessions for trainers with WFP's operational partners (NGOs, etc.)

Development of the digital finance strategy in Ivory Coast

The payment sector in Côte d'Ivoire gives large importance to the digital payments instruments. However, it must adapt to the arrival of new players, new technologies and changing user expectations. In 2014, Côte d'Ivoire adopted the Financial Sector Development Strategy to reorganize, stabilize and develop the sector. This strategy is broken down into a sectoral and thematic action plan. The Financial Sector Development Program (PDESFI), created in 2014 by the Government, is the body responsible for implementing the strategy.

Study and recommendations for regulators to drive the digital transformation of microfinance in Africa

The intersection of digital technologies and microfinance is one of the focus areas of AFI, especially given the opportunities technology provides in enhancing microfinance institutions (MFIs), at the MFI level (improved efficiency, reduced costs, etc.) and at the customer level (convenience, digital footprint, etc.). AFI commissioned this study to provide more efficient and relevant guidance to its members (financial regulators and supervisors) in the area of digitization of microfinance services.

Evaluation of an agent network in rural Senegal

MM4P is providing support to InTouch to fill the gap in the number of service points (number of agents) active in rural areas, through a national deployment of 368 active agents. Ten departments are targeted. InTouch S.A. operates in the sector of information and communication technology and digital financial services. It offers an aggregation of different payment methods and distributes various digital financial services through simple and reliable access via a large network of agents. This aggregation consists of an application solution embedded on a mPos (Mobile Point Of Sale) called the One-Stop-Shop (GU).

Digital Transformation of Microfinance and Digitization of Microfinance Services to Deepen Financial Inclusion in Africa

Understand the synergy between digital financial and microfinance institutions in providing access to finance to individuals and small businesses

Evaluate scaling-up financial services delivery program

In cooperation with The MasterCard Foundation, the International Finance Corporation (IFC) is implementing a program intended to accelerate the reach of financial services for the poor in sub-Saharan Africa, through two main workstreams.

Business Planning for the cooperation of SMT with Airtel Money in Sierra Leone

This study, as part of the axis of the AFR/017 project “Promoting Inclusive Financial Sectors”, aims to analyze the environment of mobile technologies for an optimized deployment of Mobile Banking solutions in the UEMOA zone.

Analytics for Mobile Money, customer adoption & distribution performance in Ghana

CGAP assists MTN Mobile Money in improving its customer adoption in Ghana.

Remittance corridor and Developing a Solidarity Savings product

PADFI, a project funded by the Luxembourg government and managed by ADA to support the development of MFIs in Cap Verde, includes a migrant component.

Telecom regulation challenges that impact mobile financial services in UEMOA countries

The Central Bank of West African country wants to develop financial inclusion through mobile and branchless banking.

Market study of Senegalese migrants in Spain and product development of remittance-linked products

Since 2009, PAMECAS, in collaboration with ADA, is promoting the savings of Senegalese migrants. Pamecas wishes to adapt its product and services for migrants residing in Spain.

Roll-out of e-Zwich in rural areas – branchless banking in Ghana

Ghana Interbank Payment and Settlement Systems developed e-zwich, a smart card payment system to increase financial inclusion in rural areas.

Mobile Money Transfer Market Study in Sierra Leone

In 2005, Cordaid began supporting the development of the microfinance sector in Sierra Leone (also via MITAF). There are now 13 MFIs in the country, who reach 95,000 loan clients. Mobile financial services have been offered since 2010 (Splash and Airtel Money.