Study and recommendations for regulators to drive the digital transformation of microfinance in Africa

The intersection of digital technologies and microfinance is one of the focus areas of AFI, especially given the opportunities technology provides in enhancing microfinance institutions (MFIs), at the MFI level (improved efficiency, reduced costs, etc.) and at the customer level (convenience, digital footprint, etc.). AFI commissioned this study to provide more efficient and relevant guidance to its members (financial regulators and supervisors) in the area of digitization of microfinance services.

Feasibility of Mobile Money for selected EFSE countries Moldova, Albania, Turkey

The European Fund for Southeast Europe (EFSE) fosters economic development and prosperity by providing loans to microfinance institutions and banks in the region.

Agent Network Management Training, Morocco

As part of the Payment Digitalization project, Al Barid Bank Morocco, subsidiary of Groupe Poste Maroc, is developing a network of agents to make banking services accessible to all and everywhere in the country.

Mobile Money Market Scoping in two Middle East & North Africa countries: Egypt & Tunisia

IFC needed a macroeconomic overview of Egypt and Tunisia including; financial and telecom sectors; regulatory environment and distribution network for mobile money service providers.

Future of Financial Inclusion through Electronic Banking Channels Palestine

Oxford Policy Management, ShoreBank International and the Palestinian Authority wanted to investigate how to reach and enhance the cost-effectiveness of delivery channels for banking and payments in Palestine.

Feasibility Study for a Banking Services’ Company in Palestine

Review the market in West Bank for establishing and engaging a banking services company. The remit of this company would include the operation of a national switch and management of the POS and merchant acquiring.

Digital Transformation of Microfinance and Digitization of Microfinance Services to Deepen Financial Inclusion in Africa

Understand the synergy between digital financial and microfinance institutions in providing access to finance to individuals and small businesses