Tablets for SEF

SEF, the Small Enterprise Foundation in South Africa is a non-profit MFI founded in 1991. It provides group loans using an adapted Grameen methodology. SEF has a holistic approach to poverty reduction and uses the Participatory Wealth Ranking (PWR) system to reach the poor. Without serious competition in the MF sector, SEF has a strong market position, shown by its deep social outreach, 160k customers (average 8% growth per year) and portfolio of EUR 27.8M GLP (PAR 0.4%)2. Since 2015 SEF is fully operationally and financially sustainable. SEF now requests TJAS support for the implementation of Digital Field Applications (DFA) for its field staff.

Bangladesh Bank Regulator Training

UNCDF’s SHIFT (SAARC) Program identified a specific need for the Bangladesh Bank (Central Bank) to develop and integrate a training program for mid-level staff who need to have a baseline understanding of the principles of Digital Finance. Despite having a well developed DFS market, and regulatory framework – it was identified that Bangladesh Bank and their Training Academy (BBTA) lacked fundamental baseline knowledge to assure that staff understood DFS - and their own regulations.

Program Evaluation Wizzit expansion in Southern Africa and Capacity Building

WIZZIT was supported through a three year IFC advisory services project: providing operational and managerial capacity building, designing a local and regional expansion strategy, and developing a micro-lending product delivered through WIZZIT’s mobile platform.

Program Evaluation Wizzit expansion in Southern Africa and capacity building

The WIZZIT program aims to provide access to low-cost financial services through the use of mobile technology.