PHB impact story 2019

PHB Impact Story 2019

The PHB team supports the design of digital finance ecosystems that can strengthen the resilience of communities in need. In the past year, PHB has implemented 45 projects in 30 countries working with partners like you.

PHB Impact Story 2019 in less than 3 minutes video

Let’s take a closer look at some of our impact.

In Benin, we built a digital finance ecosystem around the moto-taxi drivers with merchant payments and digital tontine solutions rolled out nationally.

In Senegal, we worked with an agent network to solve the challenges of serving rural people. 550 new agents are now serving close to 300,000 unique customers.

In Niger and Senegal, we helped WFP digitalize social cash transfers to those in need with an HCD value proposition and developing a local understanding of mobile money.

In the Solomon Islands, we facilitated collaboration among competing mobile operators and government to enable informal workers to save for retirement simply using mobile top-up.

In West Africa, we trained 650 stakeholders in 8 countries on interoperability for BCEAO – connecting regulators, banks, MNOs and MFIs.

In Malawi, we supported Zoona to optimize the gender balance of its agents by designing an HCD-led career pathway with women-friendly training.

In the Pacific Islands, we engaged with policymakers from throughout the Pacific to support the development of enabling digital finance regulations.

In Rwanda, DRC, Burundi, The Philippines, Cote Divoire, South Africa, Senegal, Mali, Kenya, Nicaragua, and the Dominican Republic, We trained 270 assessors and financial specialists with improved training materials for farmer organizations.

In East Timor, we supported the development of an ecosystem for blockchain-based cashless transfers to 30,000 beneficiaries.

In Ghana, Zambia, and Tanzania, we designed and facilitated peer learning events for financial service providers aiming to serve 250,000 informal savers.

In Nepal, we developed a digital credit solution to support the cash flow needs of dairy farmers.

Let’s make more impact together in 2020.