PHB is a pioneer in the development and delivery of Digital Finance. Working with Impact Makers – to extend the reach of affordable and relevant financial services –  we co-create the design and implementation of innovative products and last mile-delivery channels for payments, credit, savings and remittances – all intended to be cross-cutting and enabling more people to better control and manage their financial lives.

We collaborate and coordinate with partners and stakeholders like you to develop and promote Conducive Ecosystems to embrace Digital Finance and seek alignment across issues related to policy, product, providers, partners and the people who we aim to empower. 

Working together we can identify viable and scalable use cases from across the payments spectrum – promoting interoperability, “coopetition” and improving the systems and processes that are needed to continually strengthen and extend the infrastructure of digital finance.  Supporting expansions of digital credit, e-KYC, blockchain and other technologies keep PHB at the leading edge of Digital Finance.

PHB instils cross-functional teams with the skills and confidence needed to lead digital transformations with successful marketing, products and compliance regimes.  Across Africa and Asia, PHB has impacted the lives of millions of end-users and created new on-ramps for them to participate in the digital economy.

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