Learning Partnership under the Savings at the Frontier Programme


The Savings at the Frontier Programme is a 6-year partnership between The Mastercard Foundation and OPM that seeks to bridge the gap between the supply of and demand for formal financial services and informal savings mechanisms (ISMs) in Ghana, Tanzania and Zambia. Nine financial service providers (FSPs) receive technical assistance and funding to test and deepen commercial relationships with ISMs. It has scaled up financial services for more than 250,000 rural and semi-urban ISM users across the three countries via innovative FSP-led business models. SatF has also produced evidence and shared learning that can contribute to the development of effective, scalable business models for financial services delivery in frontier markets.


The objective of PHB’s partnership with OPM has been the enhancement of the SatF programme’s internal learning as well as external sharing of knowledge gained.


PHB designed and facilitated 3 face-to-face and 11 online so-called Distributed Learning Events (DLEs) – interactive peer learning events for partner FSPs. PHB also produced 9 Knowledge Products (KPs) based on SatF’s research and the results from the implementation of linkage programmes. Based on the successful cooperation between PHB and OPM during
the first year, the Learning Partnership was extended to a second year.