Kristina Jervell Digital Catalyser - HCD

Kristina is a human-centred designer experienced in solving challenges in the developing context with an aim to create social impact, placing people at the centre of the design process. Kristina believes that the people who live with various challenges in low and middle-income countries every day are the ones who hold the keys to the answers and solutions to the challenges they face – and as such have the capacity and potential to be innovators and sources of information to the design process to be observed and learned. Kristina aims to design with people and not for people, taking on the role of a facilitator of the creative process rather than an expert of the field(s) in question. Some examples of her work include:

Conducting 12 co-creation workshops with +120 participants and doing field research for MTN, with the aim to increase awareness and usage of MoKash, a mobile savings and credit product aimed to benefit the poor. 

‘Adjumani Design Challenge’; designing and facilitating a 3-month Human-Centred Design training program in collaboration with UNDP, for 30 refugees and host community youth in Adjumani, Northern Uganda. 

Creating a game for GIZ (the German Development Agency) to be included in the secondary school curriculum to teach students financial literacy to strengthen their ability to plan, budget and save.

Collaborating with BTC (now Enabel) to Design a teaching toolkit (book, cards and poster) aimed at stimulating teachers in using learner-centred pedagogic skills to improve students learning. 

From extensive experience abroad, Kristina speaks German, Spanish, English and Norwegian. She holds a Bachelors degree in Design from the Design Academy Eindhoven in The Netherlands, having graduated from the Man and Leisure Department, with focus on research, conceptual thinking and the ability to face a design problem with a holistic approach. 

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