Evaluation of an agent network in rural Senegal

MM4P is providing support to InTouch to fill the gap in the number of service points (number of agents) active in rural areas, through a national deployment of 368 active agents. Ten departments are targeted. InTouch S.A. operates in the sector of information and communication technology and digital financial services. It offers an aggregation of different payment methods and distributes various digital financial services through simple and reliable access via a large network of agents. This aggregation consists of an application solution embedded on a mPos (Mobile Point Of Sale) called the One-Stop-Shop (GU).

The objective of the project is to conduct a study on agent challenges in rural areas and to evaluate InTouch’s agent deployment project (mid-term and final evaluations). This project aims to determine the extent to which the project successfully addresses the challenges of agents in rural areas and the impact on customers in terms of access and use of digital financial services. In addition, both sets of evaluations will generate lessons learned. The final evaluation will include an assessment of the sustainability of the results obtained and recommendations.


  1. Agent research: Research panning and methodology, secondary research, the conception of qualitative research tools, qualitative interviews with the agent, and analysis.
  2. Mid-term evaluation: definition of an evaluation matrix, analysis of KPIs, qualitative interviews with agents, mid-term evaluation analysis
  3. Final evaluation: revision of the evaluation matrix, analysis of KPIs, qualitative interviews with agents, final evaluation, analysis and recommendations for InTouch SA, UNCDF and the general public.
  4. Knowledge Management: contribution to the knowledge sharing activities of UNCDF through regular blogs, a movie script, a case study and a webinar.