PFIP P2G Samoa


The Land Transport Authority (LTA) of the Samoa Government is managed within the Ministry of Works, Transport and Infrastructure.   LTA is the principal licensing authority for all forms of land transportation in the country and has three main revenue streams including Drivers Licensing, Registration and Tickets for traffic offences. Payment flows are typical to meet the Authority’s operational activities in meeting its core functions identified above. A significant proportion of payment flows (person to LTA) are via cash and business cheques.


  • Identify and map out all existing payment flows from customers to LTA looking at the frequency, payment mode, volumes and values to present the overall big picture.
  • Assist LTA in evaluating its costs of transactions, estimated efficiency losses and other impacts of continuing with the present heavily cash-based transaction platform.
  • Assess the capability of the LTA IT and business systems as to the readiness of these to support digital payments and changes if any required.
  • In conjunction with the LTA legal team study the existing LTA Act 2007 and regulations and look at options to make all payments from customers to LTA compulsorily using digital channels.


  • Produce evidence-based payment flows map covering all types of payment transactions from customers to LTA including the type, frequency, amounts, mode of these payments together with any other pertinent information for assessing payment flows;
  • Legal/regulatory changes required for LTA to make all its customer payments compulsorily digital;
  • Possible digital payment solutions with suggested partners to work with;
  • Evidence-based assessment of the readiness of LTA IT and business systems and processes to accept and properly account for digital payments received, together with recommendations relating to upgrade/changes (if any required);
  • Approximate costs and budgets for moving to digital payment channels