Digital Transformation of Microfinance and Digitization of Microfinance Services to Deepen Financial Inclusion in Africa


Context: Understand the synergy between digital financial and microfinance institutions in providing access to finance to individuals and small businesses

Objective: The overall objective of this consultancy assignment is to underscore the role of technology in enhancing, efficiency and viability of the microfinance industry in Africa.

Deliverable: Created a report on the digital transformation of microfinance and digitization of microfinance services to deepen financial inclusion in Africa. Developed policy and regulatory recommendations that facilitate the digital transformation of microfinance services to deepen financial inclusion in Africa and pave the way toward the advancement of strategic collaboration for AFI and its partners in the Africa region

Context: Review the market in West Bank for establishing and engaging a banking services company. The remit of this company would include the operation of a national switch and management of the POS and merchant acquiring.

Objective: Assess the payments landscape in Palestine and advise on how technology could cost-effectively enhance the reach of banking and payment products.

Deliverables: Produced report addressing the future of financial inclusion and recommendations on how to expand the service at POS; create a national and interoperable switch and prevent information asymmetries that limit access to credit.