We make sure the participants in our training and coaching sessions acquire the practical knowledge, skills and attitudes they need to design, manage and deliver digital transformation strategies.

We improve performance by changing behaviour.

The design of our capacity building programmes is based on the latest insights in adult learning and executive coaching. Our goal is to change participants’ behaviour and improve their performance.

We build people’s skills and develop their mindset.

We achieve this by doing more than transferring just technical knowledge. Instead, we concentrate on the development of the practical skills and positive attitudes that managers and field staff need to be able to design, manage and implement digitalization activities in a sustainable manner. Experiential learning methods are key to our success.

Our workshops are tailored, engaging and practical.

Our training courses are created based on unique market contexts and close client collaboration. Delivery is in the form of highly interactive and engaging workshops that build on learners’ own experience and that of their peers. Tasks are designed according to collaborative problem-based learning principles. By simulating decision making in the context of real-life problems, learners immediately begin to apply their newly gained skills.

Our coaching methods promote independence.

Coaching takes the form of a series of one-on-one meetings. During the sessions, we mostly ask questions and listen; our coachees mainly provide the answers. Questions are designed to motivate coachees to overcome the challenges they face and change their ways. Our approach to coaching increases the capacity of people to manage themselves.

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For a preliminary training needs assessment and to discuss how PHB Academy can develop training – including training of trainers – that will help you scale for impact. academy@phbdevelopment.com