Leveraging Gender Balance for Zoona Malawi

Zoona and UNCDF MM4P intend to increase women’s livelihood, by increasing the number of women agents and tellers within the Malawian DFS Ecosystem. By doing so, UNCDF/ MM4P will also contribute to the increased percentage of Malawian women adults that are financially included, as women customers tend to be more comfortable approaching women agents and tellers.

The project aims to help Zoona optimize the gender balance of agents, tellers and customers by designing and piloting tools and resources aiming at reducing hindrances to female participation to the Zoona agent and teller ecosystem. The project revolves around: Designing and piloting a recruitment strategy and set-up partnership to expand the number of potential women agent & teller applicants; Designing and piloting a career pathway to increase the number of performing women teller and agents; Integrating and developing a database to track the performance of agents and tellers.


  1. The project set up and a comprehensive review of previous work:
  2. Gap analysis to implement the agent recruitment strategy and career pathway within Zoona (covering: previous HCD research, existing systems (IT), strategies and processes).
  3. Preparing the Pilot:
  4. Customisation of the database.
  5. Development of SoP and templates in a user-friendly format to explain the use of the database and how agent and tellers shall report to HQ.
  6. Design of a recruitment strategy including processes, procedures templates and key requirements.
  7. Design of a career pathway curricula including Guidelines career development Curricula Training method.
  8. Design of marketing and communication materials outlining the opportunity and requirements for the career path.
  9. Pilot Test.
  10. Training of trainers for relevant staff and training to agents and tellers provided in selected areas.
  11. Adjustment of a database and procedures in line with pilot results.
  12. Adjustment of a career pathways curricula in line with the pilot results
  13. Pilot-test review and evaluation reports.
  14. Pilot closing and roll-out.
  15. Definition of a set of strategies and tools/resources to implement and scale-up to leverage the assets of women agents/tellers to address their KPIs.
  16. Define a roll-out plan outlining key steps and main activities to assure the successful scale-up of the project.
  17. Define key recommendations and findings.
  18. Knowledge Management (video, blogs, etc.)