Business Planning for the cooperation of SMT with Airtel Money in Sierra Leone


Context: This study, as part of the axis of the AFR/017 project “Promoting Inclusive Financial Sectors”, aims to analyze the environment of mobile technologies for an optimized deployment of Mobile Banking solutions in the UEMOA zone. The recommendations of this study will allow the Central Bank of West African Countries (BCEAO) to take upon the challenges and constraints existing in this area.

Objective: The study will be an overview of various existing frameworks for the regulation of telecommunications and databases. This will generally identify weaknesses in the regulation and how to improve these shortcomings, after a thorough diagnostic on practices and existing regulations within the UEMOA zone.

Deliverables: Have an updated reading of the telecom environment and existing Value Added Services (VAS) offers in each UEMOA country; Understand how national telecom regulations deal with the issue of Mobile Banking in West Africa; Identify challenges and regulatory constraints, as well as expected legal evolutions, for an effective deployment of Mobile Banking solutions; Make recommendations helping in the future to dispose for Mobile Banking of reference regulatory frameworks (telecommunications), with regards to telecoms and data protection regulations; Propose an action plan for the harmonization of telecom and personal data protection regulations; Note if there is a synergy between telecom and banking regulations; Elaborate the cartography of regulations; Highlight through the study the aspects related to transparency, pricing and competition in telecom sector (interconnection, USSD).